Inside Out

Exhibition by Mathias Gewers

Vernissage Saturday 18 May 2019 17.00
Exhibition Sunday 19 May 11.00 – 21.00

Inside Out is a story about the inner workings of a man and how they are reflected in the outer world. It is also a story about human endevour and ambition, in the sense of steadily striving for your goals. In the process of striving, routines form themselves and they become a natural part of everyday.

The artist – Mathias Gewers has in his works let his imagination run free and painted according to the state of mind he was in. The name Inside Out derives from the inner works and what goes on on the inside, comes out on the outside through creative expression.

The uncharging of positive and negative emotions is an important part of the work that I do in my life. It gives my life meaning, balance and recreation.